Notes from the Weekend Just Past…

One of those busy-but-pretty-good weekends went something like this (including today)…

  • Didn’t preach yesterday morning. Had these guys in for their pitch. It was actually pretty good. Heard some interesting stats, a couple of items that made me go “hmmmm!” and one really great, challenging story that will certainly surface somewhere else along the way.
  • “The Boy” stopped by long enough to eat lunch. Always great to see him!
  • Got back to serious working out at the Y. Read some great, challenging articles at the wellness center desk.
  • Caught the last three-quarters or so of G.I. Jane on TV. Love that great, challenging quote from Master Chief Urgayle: “There are no bad crews, only bad leaders!” Hmmm….
  • Touched base with one of my heroes, the one and only Gary Lamb. He doesn’t know it, but he usually challenges and encourages me almost every time I talk to him!
  • Started a little series in our evening service. We’re unabashedly talking about some other churches. And we’re calling them by name. Really picking them apart and all that jazz. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Going to be good….
  • Read Shackleton’s Way, and was challenged and encouraged by his leadership in the middle of difficult and seemingly hopeless times of crisis. Just found a website….
  • Re-discovered Tennyson and Browning, via the book about Shackleton.
  • Made me want to watch Dead Poets Society.
  • Set personal bests in the bench press today! Woo hoo!