The old saying is true…if you’ve ever seen something like the picture above, chances are it didn’t happen without some help. We all are indebted to the people around us, before us, and behind us for the contributions they’ve made to help us get up on our particular fencepost.

One of the greatest – but often overlooked and underperformed – aspects of leadership is acknowledging the amazing contributions of others in our lives and journeys.

This little article from Fast Company Now is a good reminder to acknowledge those who help us get where we’re going every day.

A little exercise from the article…

1. Who has contributed to your life significantly in the past five years?
2. Send them a note or take them to lunch.
3. Let them know how they’ve helped you and why you appreciate them.
4. Recognize that you don’t have to wait until something is over to thank someone.

I really like that last one. Why do we wait until some amazing shared journey is ending before we take the time to show our appreciation to those who’ve shared the journey with us? My challenge today – and yours?

Take some time to acknowledge those who make a contribution to your life and journey.