First, let me say that I was not able to find an old, abandoned, ratty, never-wanted-again rocking chair. I found a brand-new, ratty, why-would-I-want-one rocking chair. But I wasn’t going to spend 80 bucks for it.

Especially since I intended to smash it to smithereens with a sledge hammer in the middle of our morning worship service today.

So I managed to pilfer a rocking chair from our nursery before the service started. A great squeaky, creaky rocking chair. And as it turned out, the fact that our people thought I was about to smash it to smithereens with a sledge hammer was probably more effective than if I had actually done it!

For the record, we’re working our way through Joshua, and today’s talk was on Caleb, and it was called “No More Rocking Chairs,” and it challenged me more than it did my people. Go figure…

(The talk also included a quote from Shelley Winters about nudity on stage, some condescending quotes about older people from some of our local civic leaders, President Reagan’s diary, Roger Clemens, and a double-dog dare. Who said “traditional” churches aren’t any fun?)