I woke up this morning with a hectic schedule. I planned to head out to the Y early to get my workout in, and then make it to the Serene Bean to meet with some of our folks for prayer.

When I got up, I headed to the old computer to check mail, etc. and discovered that “Customers in the Canton, Georgia area are unable to connect to the Internet because of a network outage.” So off I went to the Y. I got through with my workout, showered, jumped in the truck, got on the road only to find a massive traffic situation between Canton and Woodstock. I was late to the Bean, only to find out that none of my people showed up anyway. (Note to self: I’m not sure, but I think praying scares ’em :))

Still no Internet at home, so off to run some errands. As I was leaving Office Depot, who should I run into but the one, the only KenBob! Long time, no see! We exchanged some pleasantries and agreed to try to have lunch tomorrow. Cool!

I’m back at the Bean now, using their WiFi on a pretty obsolete notebook computer from the church. Still, who am I to complain? It beats having no Internet at home, right?

By the way, we got the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” one of those cool little D-Link USB Wireless adapters for her pretty obsolete notebook computer and it works like a charm – even though the USB ports are not even 2.0 – on her notebook and the old Toshiba from the church.

Some thoughts about and from the Bean, regarding pens, people, and other such stuff later…