Pondering, 07.08.07…

Random thoughts rattling around in my head tonight…

  • It’s still pretty fun watching Greg Maddux pitch. Even though he’s pitching for the bad guys now. Oh, and right now, we’re beating him. That’ll probably change before the night is over…wait and see…
  • Newnan, Georgia will probably never be the same after today. Neither will Anderson, South Carolina in two weeks.
  • My buddy Tony is on the move.
  • Losing people is always hard, but especially when it’s good people and they aren’t going away mad.
  • Money is kind of funny. When you’ve got some to give away, it’s very, very cool. When you need some, it kind of stinks.
  • You just never know what you say that will encourage or challenge someone when you least expect it.
  • National Treasure is a pretty good flick.
  • Lyle Schaller still rocks.
  • Morgan Freeman’s character in Se7en says it best.
  • The Redneck Games are under way!