Just some stuff that fell out of my brain tonight…

  • Thelonius Monk playing solo reminds me of the “gone to the mattresses” scene in The Godfather.
  • Even when you’ve been fighting it during your message prep during the week, God can still use you on Sunday.
  • Most of the time that means He can get your attention to tell you something – and your hearers just get to listen in.
  • I’ve got the best youth pastor in the known world, even if he is just part-time.
  • There was a guy at Mill Creek this morning who bore an uncanny resemblance to the one and only Tony McCollum. Oh, wait
  • Sundays before a big Wednesday holiday are just plain weird.
  • I still get pumped every time I read the story in 2 Kings 18-19, immortalized by Byron.
  • I’d give just about anything to hear Dr. Patrick Spurgeon quote that Byron poem just one more time!
  • I guess it was OK to say “fart” in church. Especially since I said it twice. As in “old.”
  • Indiana Jones still rocks! Especially when he takes that “leap of faith from the Lion’s Head” and then throws sand back across the previously-unseen bridge!
  • Acoustic Sunrise on Dave FM is great!