One’s serious, one’s just a lot of fun!

A lot of what we try to do as leaders is external. It’s all about style and not substance. It’s about apppearance and not authenticity. Reggie McNeal has a pretty unique way of helping us see that being a leader starts with the heart – who we really are. It’s all about our character. Reggie’s book talks about God’s shaping and molding of spiritual leaders. I’m digging in pretty hard on this one.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle was one of the very first books I remember reading – and it’s still one of my favorites! The picture is a scan of my Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club hardcover edition, dated 1965, and passed down years ago to “The Boy,” and now has made its way back to dear old Dad! If only life was as easy as making that “Pb-pb-b-b-b” sound! Someone once told me that you need some of these books when life is getting way too difficult. They were right!