Resources from Just Charlie Users…

The other day, someone “accused” me of being a pretty good “pointer-outer” of stuff – websites, book, other resources. (I think they meant I’m full of useless information, but I took it as a compliment nonetheless! Everybody’s gotta be good for something, right?)

OK, so for all the millions! and millions! of faithful Just Charlie users out there, I’ve got a huge favor to ask. And not only will it help me (thanks in advance!), but you just might have the opportunity to impact someone else’s life in a positive and practical way. Here’s what I’m looking for…

What are your current and/or favorite “Top 5s” in these categories?

  • What music you’re listening to (may be CDs, streaming Web audio, whatever)
  • What you’re reading (books, journals, magazines)
  • What you’re surfing (“non-blog” websites)
  • What blogs you’re checking out (this, of course, would be Weblogs)

I can’t wait to see what goodies you come up with! Let the “pointing out” begin!