Celtic Christmas II

Listening to Windham Hill’s Celtic Christmas II tonight…very laid back, “new agey” wintery, Christmasy kind of stuff, drinking the last of a bag of Sumatra.

Here’s what’s occupying my time and my thoughts, as though you really cared…

  • The Georgia-Georgia Tech game was really over before it ever got started, if you ask me. I think Georgia was toying with us the whole game, and had they wanted to, they could have scored 60 points tonight, easy. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.
  • Say goodnight, Coach Gailey.
  • Now Georgia is in what appears to be a real good position: They’ll be in at least the Top 5 tomorrow, they won’t have to be humiliated and/or banged up in the SEC Championship game next week, who knows where they may end up?
  • All that being said, I still don’t think you ought to have any shot of playing for all the marbles if you don’t even win your conference.
  • And all that being said, here’s another year of having to listen to obnoxious Georgia fans barking. Ugh!
  • I’m really getting nervous about preaching at Tony’s place tomorrow. I don’t know why.
  • The A-Team will be handling things at The ‘Crest tomorrow! Go guys!
  • It’s raining at my house! Yea!
  • I’m kind of glad this week is over…long trips and all. Good trips, very good Thanksgiving celebrations in both ends of our great state. I’ll be glad to be back to somewhat-normal.
  • I’ve got to hit the Y hard next week!
  • Just about finished with J. I. Packer’s Knowing God.
  • Really digging the ESV!
  • Really want to see Bella and Enchanted.
  • Really want to take the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” to see Nutcracker this year.
  • Really want to catch the Impressionism exhibit at the High Museum.
  • Really want to do a good job tomorrow.
  • Worried about being without a cell phone until Monday.