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This is the third day (I think!) of our second major winter weather shutdown in three weeks (I think!).

It’s all running together. But I digress…

I’m not a fan of winter. I’m especially not a fan of winter weather shutdowns.  However, this winter weather shutdown has reminded me to be grateful for some things I usually take for granted.

Today, on Day 3, I’m grateful that we cooked on the grill on Monday, because we have dinner to last all week.

I’m grateful for free time. Even though I haven’t accomplished anything significant – and at times, felt guilty about it – a few days without any pressing obligations has been therapeutic. OK, maybe not really therapeutic, but it sounds good, and it has been good to be lazy.

I’m grateful for heat. I’m grateful for plenty of food and other assorted necessities.  I’m grateful for coffee, even though it’s on a rationed status now. I’m grateful for hot water. I’m grateful for this computer and that iPhone.

Most of all, I’m grateful that we have not lost power. I mentioned I’m not a fan of winter. I’m really glad and grateful we haven’t had to be holed up with no power,  no heat, no TV, no food, no coffee, and no Internet!

Power gives us something to do. It keeps us from going stir-crazy. It lets us keep up with the weather conditions and the condition of our friends and family in the weather.

I can deal with being stuck inside. I can appreciate not having to drive on icy streets. I can do all that a lot better with electricity.

Craig Ballantyne wrote a piece about the five steps to using a gratitude journal, and he lists Step One as listing your gratitude for “one big thing in your life.”

Today, on Day 3, my one big thing is uninterrupted power in the middle of a brutal winter.

What’s yours?