…from somebody’s Moleskine…

“captives of the inevitable, not masters of the possible”

“The irony of the current situation is we have the technology to “connect” with people around the world that we’ve never met in person. But while we’re “connecting,” we are sitting – for the most part – in front of a screen. Alone. Sometimes with no concept of what may be happening down the street or down the hall.”

“We think and write about incarnational models of ministry and evangelism and fellowship, and we do it from the isolation of the computer. We may even do it in the open square of public places, but we are isolated out in the open. There may be lots of people in the same spaces, but we are not connected to them by any stretch of the imagination. They’re doing their thing, we’re doing ours. And as long as we don’t interrupt or inconvenience each other, life is good.”

“And it gives us something to do. We analyze, we study, we lament – and it serves as our own good excuse for not doing that which we describe. We reason that somebody has to be the one to point out the obvious to the oblivious. We have exchanged the ivory tower of institutionalism for the equally isolated garret of intellectualism.”