Ok, it’s been one of those days. Maybe one of those weeks. Months? Anyway, I’ve had a long drive time to think today (funeral service on one side of Atlanta, burial on the opposite side). Here’s today’s list – in no particular order – of some things I just don’t “get.”

Why God plays favorites. And how He decides.

Why a deeper commitment to prayer leads to more “stuff” happening.

College-student angst.

Tattoos. (It was the great philosopher, Ted Allen, before he was the food guy on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, who wrote: “As you contemplate tattooing yourself or piercing body parts, try to remember a single T-shirt you bought at a rock concert five years ago that you still wear” and “The only good tattoo is a very, very small tattoo placed where no one can see it – which is to say, why get one?”)

How trying to help always seems to hurt. And how trying to fix it hurts more.


How nails seem to find your front left tire, when you’ve already got the spare on the right front, and the right rear has a leak and a bent rim.

How it’s always my fault.

How students think “this should be the greatest time of my life.” While neglecting to study. Or go to class.

Relatively attractive women with cigarettes. Who spit out of their car window.

Gifted, creative and multi-talented people who can seemingly do it all.

Gifted, creative and multi-talented people who can seemingly do it all, but who waste every opportunity. How to break that cycle.

Pessimistic church finance folks.

Denominational politics.

Not exactly deep and profound thoughts. But they are mine today. Of course, your mileage may vary…