Nothing, really. Just a name change. Just because…

I was thinking about that whole “one foot tenaciously stuck in modernity, and tentatively grasping for a postmodern toehold” stuff, and the longer I thought about it, the less I liked it.

The new name? Well, I had lunch with one of our guys the other day, and he asked, “Just what do you want to be called? Pastor? Reverend? Preacher?” I said, “What about ‘just Charlie?'”

That just sort of fits where I am right now.

The picture? No, that’s not yours truly on the telephone pole. It’s a picture of some guy on the telephone pole, waving. I found it by Googling for “waving guy” or something like that. Played around with the colors, added the text, and away we go!

Got comments? Got ideas? Don’t really care? Let me know…

Oh, and I’ll have the archives and links back up in just a jiffy!