Fellowship Church is making a huge impact on leaders all over the place. That they’ve assembled such a great team of people working together is pretty awesome. One of those leaders is Steve Dilla, who is teaching a lot about leadership – while he learns it.

Steve posts over at his blog about the hardest part of being a leader – the spiritual walk with God. Check out what he writes…

Make no mistake, spiritual leadership rises and falls on a person’s ability to connect daily with the Spirit. Skill, experience and instinct are pathetically inadequate if you want to be a spiritual leader. It is the matchless power of the Living God exploding through everything you do that makes a strong leader.

Leaders worth following are forged in the brute reality of their personal walk with God.

He’s right, you know. So often, we substitute our skill, our knowledge, or our personalities for a genuine, powerful walk with God that changes us and changes those around us.

How’s your walk today?