Sunday Night Unwind, 01.13.08…

Pulled out one of my favorites of the HEAR Music collection, the Artist’s Choice series. Tonight’s Unwind? Music that matters to the lovely Mrs. Elvis Costello. Other stuff that’s on my mind tonight…

  • Pretty good day out at Fusion Church. I really like the opportunity to fill in for Tony and be a little part of all that’s going on in their context.
  • I’ve re-discovered a little passion this week, and that’s good.
  • I know I’ve got to re-order some priorities to live according to that passion, and that may not be so good. Well, it’ll be pretty good, but it won’t be easy.
  • It’s very hard to find good humorous cruise ship jokes/stories.
  • But if you keep your ears open, you just might hear a true one that beats the made-up ones, hands down!
  • The current issue of Men’s Health has some pretty good stuff.
  • Like the “I Can Do That” resolutions for 2008. Example: #4. Every great thing has its Golden Age. Often that age is right now. Live there, not in some glorious past you’re probably misremembering. And #15. There’s nothing that happens after 11:30 p.m. that can’t be replied to or TiVo’d the next day. Hit the pillow for some restorative sleep, then hit the ground running tomorrow, while others are still trying to find their legs (and their Starbucks gift cards).
  • Like the article called “Small talk, big results” which includes this interesting stat: One-quarter of the 1,467 surveyed adults said they had no person in their lives with whom they were intimate enough to discuss “important matters.”
  • Then there’s the article about Douglas Merrill, CIO and VP of engineering for Google, “The World’s Most Organized Man.”