OK, so I was one of the wimp pastors who canceled our services today. My buddy, Gary Lamb, told me on the phone last night he canceled Revolution’s services today because of his concerns with his setup crews being out and about, dark and early, in unknown conditions. My response was that I was concerned about some of our folks driving in perfect sunny weather, so I sure wasn’t willing to take chance on the possibility of icy roads!

Anyway, a pretty good day around the old Just Charlie hacienda…

  • Went “to church.” More than once. Got to hear and/or watch some of my favorite communicators and their services from recent weeks. Really challenged by Gary’s Confessions series so far. The best worship I’ve never experienced live has to be happening at New Spring. Perry’s messages aren’t too shabby either! Caught a little of Mark Batterson’s leadoff message in the How series.
  • Slept late. Well, if you call 6:15 a.m. “late.” It is around here!
  • Drank coffee. Lots of it…today’s variety? Community New Orleans Blend. Love that chicory!
  • Had some just hanging out time with the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie.” Ate lunch at our favorite little faux French bistro.
  • Read some good stuff.
  • Listened to some good music, some of which I’d never heard before.
  • Still think it’s pretty cool to blog about discovering a band and having one of the band members comment on your post! (Great name, too!)
  • Made a couple of pastoral care calls.
  • Checked in on the NFL playoff games (who cares?)

That’s about how our Snowy Sunday went. How about yours?