Hi dee ho, loyal readers! All two of you! Where have you been? Oh, wait…

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all weekend: the possibility of a Sunday Night Unwind! Here goes…

  • We started a brand-new series at The Crest today. The series is called Girls Rule! and we’re looking at some of the women in the Bible who made a real difference!
  • Today’s episode was all about Rahab. You know…the squeaky-clean, well-connected, nice little socialite from Jericho? The fact of the matter is, Rahab had a past. Yet, as I repeated this morning, her past was no match for the grace of God!
  • I’m amazed by how many well-meaning people have a problem with people with a past. Unfortunately, pasts are like…navels: everybody has one! (I cleaned that one up for you!)
  • I’ve heard all kinds of theories about Rahab this week.
  • My favorite? She wasn’t really a prostitute. She was a flax dealer. And a successful one. That’s why the men in the area lied and made up the story about prostitution. They were jealous of her success! Really?!?!?
  • The men of the day probably lied about Rahab, all right. But the flax dealer story was obviously the cover-up!
  • “Where was I? Oh…uh…I was just checking out the latest in flax stalks. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”
  • You really do damage to the text – and your credibility – if you insist on sanitizing Rahab’s story and her profession. She was a hooker!
  • But she became a hero through God’s grace which led her to faith. Pretty amazing story, actually!
  • Since this post is already dragging a bit, suffice it to say this notorious shady woman was instrumental in saving God’s people, achieving God’s purpose, and making way for Jesus! Pretty good for a woman of ill repute, huh?
  • BTW, the graphic for the series is supposed to channel a shopping bag, thank you very much! Sorry…
  • BTW #2: You get some interesting results when you search for Rahab graphics. Just sayin’…
  • I’m mulling over a series of church leadership posts based on 1 Peter 5:1-11.
  • This is the first week since January I don’t have papers to grade and class prep.
  • I plan on catching up on some reading, doing a little writing, checking some items off the honey-do list, and fulfilling my voluntary patriotic contribution.
  • I’ve been thinking about credibility and communication lately.

Finally, let me leave you with this simple but powerful quote from the late, great Peter Drucker: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Thanks, and to all a good night!