Sunday Night Unwind, 09.18.05

Many moons ago, I discovered the Musical Heritage Society. I can’t even remember how many of their “re-packaged, generic white” LPs I had in my collection. I do remember that you could score some pretty good deals on some great – and often obscure – classical recordings. Now that you no longer have any purchase obligation, and since they are releasing great stuff without the bland, generic packaging, I re-upped with them.

Now, of course, they also have the Jazz Heritage Society, which I’m really into right now. My initial shipment came Friday, and I’ve just had the first opportunity to put ’em in the old CD player.

At this very moment, Ella is singing “How High the Moon,” a performance that still knocks me out after all these years! Throw in a little scat, a little “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” and a few more, and it makes “How High the Moon” a pretty amazing exhibition of Lady Ella in her prime.

Oh, and the Jazz Christmas CD? What can I say? It’s after Labor Day, right? So sue me…I love Christmas music!