Tonight’s unwind is interesting in that it consists of three separate collections with the same title!

Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel’s acoustic guitar set is called The Gift. It includes some of the best-known traditional Christmas songs, but in a way you may not be used to hearing them done.

Liz Story is one of my favorite pianists. I discovered her on the Windham Hill stuff several years ago. Her Christmas offering is also entitled, appropriately, The Gift.

Jim Brickman is another pianist from up on the Hill. A little more “sentimental” in his approach than Liz Story, but great Christmas stuff nonetheless. I really like the Point of Grace rendition of the non-holiday-standard Hope Is Born Again.

You’ll give a great gift to yourself and everyone in your house tonight if you’ll put these CDs on, light up one of Scott Hodge’s candles, and unwind from a weekend of mall crowds and church crowds. I’m using the time right now to finish up some notes to guests from our worship sevice today and some other loose end kind of stuff. All three of these “Gifts” are absolutely perfect for a Sunday night unwind.