Some of you know that I’m toying around with the idea of acquiring my own domain name, and moving Just Charlie to WordPress.

Most of you are also familiar with the free blog hosting site at (not to be confused with, where you download the program, etc.).

Anyway, I had set up a blog over at the .com version, and last night I decided to play around with it a bit and see about importing all my Blogspot posts over there. Easy procedure, no problems. Until I clicked on my Blogspot blog and discovered a message, put there by the WordPress import/export procedure that said my Blogspot blog was inactive but the reader was being redirected to a “much better” blogging service or something.

I discovered today that that import/export procedure also screwed up my feeds and everything else! Man! You talk about hacked off! Now, I’m perfectly aware that I gave the WordPress thingy the “permission” to do whatever it took to import the posts, but I don’t remember any warning or anything that advised me that my Blogspot posts would be gone and my site and feeds disabled.

So, some of you may not get this message, because the feed you’ve graciously subscribed to may not be working properly. So, heartfelt apologies to y’all, and a big fat razzy to!

(One note: Even having railed on the folks, I still think I like the WordPress software a lot better, and when I do finally make the move to a new domain, etc., I’ll probably go ahead and switch to it as well.)