The Adventure Begins

UPDATE: Ridge Stone had 273 folks at their first service today! 20 or so from the “mother church,” and 15 from Gary’s family. Let’s see…I had a mathematical bypass at birth, but I believe that means about 238 folks showed up just because…. Pretty good start! Thanks for praying!

Tomorrow, one of my buds, Gary Lamb will lead the launch of RidgeStone Church here in Canton, Georgia. Now I haven’t had the opportunity to personally know that many church planters. But if God is using anyone, He’s using Gary and his team. How ’bout, if you remember, send a few extra prayers to the Father for RidgeStone between now and tomorrow. Thanks!

BTW, Gary was telling me today about some of the responses he’s gotten to some of their “pre-launch” publicity…simply amazing! The negative stuff came, without exception, from “church folks!” (My favorite? The e-mail that said something like: “Jesus died on the cross for you, and you can’t even wear a suit to church for Him?!?!?”) You really gotta love that stuff!

The unchurched/de-churched/underchurched responses have been mostly positive!

Gary, if you read this, I want you to know that I’m praying for you tonight, bro! And so is the worldwide audience of Straddling the Gap! Go get ’em!