Interesting post from the “evangelist’s evangelist,” Guy Kawasaki (you do know Mr. Kawasaki is blogging now, right?)…

  1. Create a cause.
  2. Look for agnostics, ignore atheists.
  3. Localize the pain.
  4. Let people test drive the cause.
  5. Learn to give a demo.
  6. Provide a safe first step.
  7. Ignore pedigrees.
  8. Never tell a lie.
  9. Remember your friends.

Check the link for the “expanded” version of the list.

Oh, and this great couplet from Point Number 5…

An ´┐Żevangelist who cannot give a great demo´┐Ż is an oxymoron. A person simply cannot be an evangelist if she cannot demo the product.