I first discovered Tom Peters back in the In Search of Excellence days, and his books and articles and PowerPoint presentations are among my most useful tools. I came across his current reading list over at his blog yesterday. Talk about a voracious reader! Man!

I love his line about going on a trip without enough books…

Embarrassed at how much stuff is sitting in the nearby pile, and the fact that I’m not comfortable going on so short as a two-day trip (tomorrow, to CA) with less than a dozen books. (But what if I were hijacked or ended up in the hospital?)

Anyway, as you peruse Tom Peters’s list, how about drop a comment about what you – the real-life “Ms./Mrs./Mr. Bigs” – are reading?

And why not be like Tom Peters – and divide them in to the categories of…Incredible/Life-altering, non-fiction, and fiction?