A somewhat funny thing happened on the way to a funeral last night. To set this story up, you need to know a couple of things…

  • As chronicled on this blog, I’ve been hitting the YMCA six days a week since January.
  • I’ve had occasion to wear a suit exactly once since I started working out regularly.
  • That once was less than a month, and less than 10 pounds into the workout thing.
  • It has now been over three months, and 33+ pounds.

Now, here’s the funny thing.

Remember that Tom Hanks movie Big? Remember the last scene when Susan has taken Josh back home? Remember how big Josh morphs into little Josh right before Susan’s eyes? Remember that baggy suit look? Picture that look – but in reverse! Not little Charlie, but big Charlie with a baggy, saggy suit that literally is falling off! Funny, except when you realize you don’t have a suit to wear, and you need to have it on in less than 45 minutes!

I guess that’s the downside – if there is one – to getting healthy. The upside, of course, is you get to plan trips to places like this and this and maybe even this.