I read an article somewhere this morning about the Jesus-apprentices among the persecuted and displaced people of Iraq. I have generally been supportive of the war (see news today of newly-discovered Sarin gas in Fallujah), but I hadn’t really given much thought to the fact that all of the people there – maybe most of the people there – aren’t our enemies. In fact, they are our brothers and sisters, trying their best to live out their faith in increasingly dangerous, difficult, and even deadly circumstances. God has placed a burden on my heart today for these people.

I will continue to pray for our “enemies” in the struggle. But I’m going to start praying deliberately for those who are part of the family there as well.

How can we help? What are some resources? If you know of people and/or groups that are actively invloved in the cause, let us know.

This isn’t the article I read this morning, but it does highlight the issue a little.