We had our own little “Soup-er Bowl” get-together at our church last night. In preparation for the evening, the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” and I were out Saturday getting decorations, etc.

Here’s what I discovered…

  • Hardly anyone in Atlanta is/was a Seahawks fan. We found tons and tons of Seahawks banners, pennants, signs, window decals, etc. Right next to them were the empty spaces that once held the same amount of Steelers banners, pennants, signs, window decals, etc. They were sold out at almost every place we went!
  • The Steelers fans in Atlanta are absolutely, positively crazy! You could tell who had been buying the sold-out Steelers paraphernalia – they were walking/driving around with all that stuff on their cars, their bodies, their kids, and yes, their pets!
  • Regardless of which team you root for – or don’t root for – that “Made in China” officially-licensed NFL stuff is way overpriced! And some of it reminded me of that old George Carlin line…

    If you put together two things that have never been put together before, some schmuck will buy it!

Well, enough Super Bowl stuff for me for another year. I didn’t really have a dog in the fight, and since I had jumped on the Steelers bandwagon earlier, the game turned out OK by me.

And actually, after a wintry day’s worth of “research,” I’ve about changed my tune on the commercials, too. They weren’t all that bad.