Imagine a roller coaster. Imagine you and about 6 billion of your closest friends are taking it out for a spin – all at the same time.

Imagine that roller coaster is cruising along at about 67,000 miles per hour. And imagine that it is spinning around at the rate of about 1000 miles per hour as it chugs along its 586 million mile course.

And imagine that roller coaster is just about to complete its run. The station is in view. Everyone on the coaster prepares to breathe and to disembark as the coaster makes its way into the station.

Only instead of slowing to a stop at the station, the roller coaster maintains its speed and heads out on the course again.

That’s what’ll happen in just about 17 minutes. Just when you thought 2005 was finally slowing to a stop at the station, you find it roaring off again, losing its identity into 2006. Another 67,000-mph trip around the sun for me and you.

What will we make of this next part of our up-and-down adventure?

Happy New Year…make the ride count!