Saw the “26-letter browsing personality” over at Will Samson’s blog:

Inspired by Tim Samoff’s post, I put together my 26-letter browser personality. Here’s how to do it. In the address bar of your web browser clear whatever is there and then type in the letter “a”. See what comes up. Then clear that and type in the letter “b”. Repeat for each letter

First of all, I didn’t get too many results with Firefox, since I have it set where it doesn’t save any History or cache or whatever. So I switched over to Internet Explorer, which I generally only use for Windows Updates. Here’s what I found…

A: ARIN WHOIS Database Search

B: Blogger

C: Just Charlie: My blog, such as it is�

D: Design Within Reach

E: My E: Drive (removable flash thingy�Christmas Eve service PowerPoint)

F: Free Republic

G: Gmail

H: Hanson Carter�s blog

I: Internet Explorer (brings up my Start Page)

J: No Js

K: Kennesaw State University (�The Boy and His School�)

L: Local News Sources (a Favorites folder)


N: North American Mission Board (SBC)

O: OSCAR (Transfer Information for Georgia Tech)




S: Symantec Security Response (where you go to download your virus definition updates)

T: Turnaround Concepts (another Favorites folder)

U: Universalis

V: Vicki (my wife�s Favorites folder)

W: The Weather Channel (my Start page)

X: No Xs (not even in Texas�thanks George Strait!)

Y: No Ys

Z: No Zs

Veddy interestink…