Saw Tom Peters’s great interview with David B. Wolfe, author and expert on marketing and consumer behavior, especially in the sometimes-neglected over-40 age group.

The first line of the interview grabbed my attention. IN response to Peters’s question, “What problem is your book. Ageless Marketing, addressing?” Wolfe’s response is…

The fundamental problem I’m addressing in Ageless Marketing is the incongruity between what marketers are doing and saying and what the consumers are experiencing, in terms of their world views, their needs, their motivations, their values, that govern their shopping and buying behavior.

Wolfe goes on to talk about how youth is not the primary reason for marketing these days, and that those who can effectively target the “New Consumer,” especially Boomer women, are the real leaders in the field.

Interesting stuff, when so much we see in and out of churches and other organizations is geared toward younger and younger demographics. But still, the most telling line is that first one: If you can’t deliver what you promise, you’d be better not promising it in the first place!