Why Can’t Every Sunday Be Easter Sunday?

Great questions by Brad Abare over at Church Marketing Sucks. It seems we do pull out all the stops on Easter, and then we set ourselves up for a letdown the next week. (Here in our area, it’s a multiple letdown: the Sunday after Easter, time-change weekend, and the beginning of spring break!) Check this excerpt from Brad’s article…

The one thought I kept repeating over and over in my mind the whole time I was in service yesterday was why can’t we do church this way every weekend?

  • Why can’t the praise/worship (and choir) be this lively every weekend?
  • Why can’t kid’s church always have this much to do?
  • Why can’t we always have this many greeters to smile at me when I walk in?
  • Why can’t the video supplements always be this relevant and engaging?
  • Why can’t food always be a part of your church community?
  • Why can’t the Gospel message be this clear and direct every weekend?

Yep, our folks and I will be back in “regular Sunday” mode next week. But guess what? Jesus will still be alive!

Why aren’t we?