Great questions by Brad Abare over at Church Marketing Sucks. It seems we do pull out all the stops on Easter, and then we set ourselves up for a letdown the next week. (Here in our area, it’s a multiple letdown: the Sunday after Easter, time-change weekend, and the beginning of spring break!) Check this excerpt from Brad’s article…

The one thought I kept repeating over and over in my mind the whole time I was in service yesterday was why can’t we do church this way every weekend?

  • Why can’t the praise/worship (and choir) be this lively every weekend?
  • Why can’t kid’s church always have this much to do?
  • Why can’t we always have this many greeters to smile at me when I walk in?
  • Why can’t the video supplements always be this relevant and engaging?
  • Why can’t food always be a part of your church community?
  • Why can’t the Gospel message be this clear and direct every weekend?

Yep, our folks and I will be back in “regular Sunday” mode next week. But guess what? Jesus will still be alive!

Why aren’t we?