Wild About Harry…

OK, so I needed a new Moleskine, and since I can get ’em for 15% off at Barnes & Noble, I headed there after supper this afternoon.

As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed there was a huge tent set up beside the store. The tent was packed to overflowing with kids and parents of all sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors. They were standing in and around a tent in the pouring rain at a stinkin’ bookstore, and they appeared to be loving it! I saw people laughing. I saw people engaged in conversation. I saw people having a big time. Why?

Because the new Harry Potter book drops at midnight tonight. (And who said the Internet would eventually cause the book business to dry up and blow away?)

What is it about Harry that elicits such raving fans?

Why are people willing to stand in the rain for hours – in costume! – for a book?

Of course, it’s the experience, stupid.

What are we missing here?

BTW, I ended up getting the Moleskine at another place down the street. And I got a bonus…196 pages instead of the usual 192! Cool!