Some of the places we went today, mostly to watch people. The lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” calls it qualitative research. There were two big highlights, other than spending the whole day with the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie.”

See the picture in the middle? It’s one of my favorite places in Atlanta. And today, I had the great privilege of dealing one of my favorite people there. Imagine The Big Show of WWE fame. Give him a tad darker complexion and a sex-change operation, stick a gold ring in his eyebrow, and give him some 3-inch-long fingernails, and you’ve got the picture! (Some of you who’ve been there know I’m telling the truth, because you’ve seen her, haven’t you?) Anyway, this gal’s been working there at least since 1996, and I remember like it was yesterday her uh…correcting of an out-of-town Olympic visitor who had no clue (“When I say ‘Whattaya have?’ you gotta say whatcha gonna have! Know what I mean?”). She’s great and slings those chili dawgs, O-rings, and F.O.’s like nobody’s business! I told her I appreciated her today, and you should have seen her stylin’, smilin’, and profilin’!

On the way to picture #3, we stopped off at Talbots in the Peachtree Battle shopping plaza. Once again, we had the privilege of great customer service by our friendly Talbots gal, Kathy. Not only did she recognize us when we walked in the store, not only did she make some very helpful recommendations and suggestions, but she pointed out some things we hadn’t thought of and helped us save a few bucks along the way! Thanks, Kathy for being the official Talbots gal of Just Charlie!

One thing that really got to me today was this: Why in the world do people willingly choose to get out of their homes and into the crowds and other mess that is “Black Friday,” and then when faced with standing in line, they get really bent out of shape with the other people? Go figure…