Yet ANOTHER Whirlwind Trip to South Georgia…

Well, we got “The Boy” moved and enrolled in school in “The ‘Boro” yesterday. A few things about that trip…

  • Statesboro’s not nearly as far as away as it was 25 years ago. Even though we drive more miles, it doesn’t seem to take as long. Go figure…
  • It is still blasted hot in Statesboro!
  • The afternoon storms are still just like clockwork.
  • That almost-quaint little 7,000-student college has turned into a ginormous 17,000-student major university! 4,000+ new students are starting there this semester!
  • It’s probably a good thing they tore down some of the old buildings before “The Boy” got there. Or else those old buildings just might be telling tales on his “Old Man.” Whew!
  • Some things never change.
  • You know you’re getting really old when you notice that the current head of “The Boy’s” department was a first-year graduate student when you were there! Yikes!
  • Whoever decided that the Animal House would be better as a 24/7 fitness facility probably made a wise decision! And whatever happened to “The Flame,” “The Knights of Georgia,” and the “Skate-R-Bowl”?
  • “The Boy” has a pretty sweet place to live. (Well, except for the Moby Dick sighting at the pool yesterday morning.) It backs up to Paulson Stadium. Cool, huh?
  • And why wasn’t there a Chick-Fil-A and a Starbucks on campus when we were there?
  • As strange as it seems, it wasn’t as hard to leave “The Boy” 250+ miles away as it was to leave him 15 miles away three years ago. Go figure…
  • “The Boy” has grown up tremendously. And he’s going to add to the family legacy in “The ‘Boro.” And his mom, the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie,” and I are extremely proud that he’s our son!