What would Krusty do?

Seth Godin writes about clowns over in Fast Company.

1. Clowns ignore science.
“Clowns refuse to measure their results, because measurement implies that they accept the reality of the outside world. Wishful thinking is not a replacement for the real world. Only clowns can get away with that.”

2. Clowns don’t plan ahead.
“The only species that regularly demonstrates foresight is humans, but we manage to do this only on occasion. People are happy to spend themselves into credit card debt to enjoy today (instead of tomorrow and the next 30 years), and they work hard to maintain the illusion that everything is just fine–until it’s not.”

3. Clowns overreact to bad news (and good).

4. Clowns aren’t very nice to each other.
“Why is it so unusual to find a company where the boss cares for his employees? Why is it even more unusual still to find a workforce where teamwork just naturally overcomes selfishness? Why do we focus on takeover battles, high-profile firings, and attack-dog politics instead of the gradual, inexorable progress that happens when people with a shared goal work together to accomplish it?”

I love this line…
“What would Krusty do? Or Chuckles? Bozo? Figure out the behavior of a real clown – and do the opposite.