Being the Church – “Emerging” or Otherwise – Across Cultures?

So much of the conversation I read/hear is about the “emerging” church. And too often I tend to see what’s happening from my own little perspective. Stephen Shields lets us in on a conversation he’s having with folks who are not from “our” perspective, when it comes to what being the church on mission is all about.

I particularly like these questions from Matthew Glock, who lives in Paris, and is wrestling with what it means to be a Jesus-apprentice in that culture…

“Are we loving God with all that we are?

Are we loving our neighbors as ourselves?

Are we inviting people to join us in our journey?

What are we doing that is tied to cultural norms that are not relevant those who are outside our community of faith and don’t find their place in the Bible?”

Good questions, Matthew. Good food for thought this early Friday morning.