Sometime today, based on the site stats for this humble attempt at a blog, the 2000th visitor will click on Just Charlie. Now, that’s 2000 since I started using the current site meter.

I know that’s nothing compared to folks like everyone’s favorite Canadian or everyone’s favorite Canadian’s favorite London-based New Zealander. But it’s still amazing to me that a couple of thousand times, people – whom I know, whom I don’t know, whom I’d like to know – have checked in to see what interests me at the moment. And in turn, I can check in with them and see what’s on their minds and hearts. And in the process, I grow and become more what God intended for me to be, learning all the way. Amazing!

At any rate, if you happen to be Number 2000, well who knows? You might get the big prize or something…

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for sharing your hearts. Thanks for being gentle in your assessment. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the “hmmmms” and “ahas”.