You know, a re-start, kind of a CTRL-ALT-DEL for your life, a mulligan, if you will. What would be different? What would be the same? Would you have gotten so caught up in the things that really don’t matter, while ignoring or neglecting the things that ultimately do? How would you decide which ones were which?

Fred Peatross shares his heart about what he would do if he could start over.

I know it’s not possible to really start over. And if I’m brutally honest, I imagine I’d do the same stupid stuff the second time around. I wouldn’t have learned from my mistakes and mishaps. But while we can’t go back to Square One, we can determine that beginning today, we will be different.

Kenneth Christian wrote in Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement

…there is seldom a real advantage to deferring change to some future time. It is never too late to begin. Does it make sense to spend the rest of your life in mediocrity because you waited to get started?

I saw this quote in Tom Peters’s blog – his Resolution #1 for NY2005…

Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.

Nobody indeed. Well, nobody but…yeah, you know who…