Found this little gem posted on an e-mail listserv over the weekend…

Anne Lamott says her favorite prayer is “Help me, help me,help me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it……

If we get right down to it, that’s the essence of all our prayers, right?

I’m somehow reminded of the story one of my seminary profs told about his daughter saying grace at a meal. It was her turn, so she bowed her head, closed her eyes, and started with the typical “God is great, God is good…”

Suddenly there was a long pause. And the pause grew to what seemed like minutes. The little girl lifted her head, opened her eyes, and said softly, almost tearfully, “I can’t remember the rest.”

My professor said his first, immediate reponse would have been to be a little miffed. But he said it was as though God was speaking in the moment. What did he say? He said, “That’s OK, honey. As long as we remember ‘God is great, and God is good,’ that’s all that matters.”

Help me, help me, help me! Thank You, thank You, thank You!