Do You Want to Get Well?

The last thing I read last night, just before succumbing to a NyQuil-induced slumber…

Even when we are paralyzed, Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” In our frustration we might explain how we have longed for healing and health but have been incapable of obtaining it. We might express our pain that no one cared enough to help us get what we needed. Yet two things become clear: What we have been trying to access for our cure may not be what we really need, and Jesus won’t fix what we want to keep broken. Paralysis in our churches has resulted in atrophy. We have too often been looking in all the wrong places for our healing and restoration. It’s Jesus who gets us up on our feet and commands us to walk. But first we have to answer his question.

-Erwin McManus, An Unstoppable Force, p. 21