Looking Back on A Great Day…

Yesterday was the first time in a long time the Redneck Gang got together for lunch. It was definitely needed and definitely a great time.

Started out with a road trip with the one and only (thank You, Lord!) Gary Lamb. When we were about two minutes from the place we were supposed to eat lunch, Tony called and said the place was closed down! Sure enough, there were letters on the door that said something about not being able to weather the current economic conditions and that the employees’ checks would be in the mail (yeah, right!) and other such stuff as that. One competitor had already capitalized on the situation by leaving a message to all former employees and customers about his restaurant right up the street.

Oh, lest I forget…we decided to go somewhere else for lunch, and decided to leave a note for the rest of the Redneck Gang. Now, Gary and Tony are gadget freaks, wired (and un-wired, as it may be!) to the max. Did they have anything to leave a note on? NOOOOOOO! But thanks to ol’ Luddite me and my trusty Day-Timer, we had real paper to leave a real note! Amazing!

(Need I remind you once more? I don’t need a PDA. I’ve got my Day-Timer, which requires no fancy writing, no batteries, etc. And besides, I’ve got my wife…who knows EVERYTHING and NEVER LETS ME FORGET!)

Anyway, to make a long story even longer and more boring, we finally made it to lunch, where we were joined by KenBob and Rob. Three Texas Burgers, one lunch pork chop, and one salmon Caesar salad later, we were stuffed, challenged, and encouraged. As usual with this bunch.

Thanks, guys, for doing what you always do best…being encouragers.