Had this conversation this afternoon…

Today, I decided for sure that I’m going to quit. I can’t even manage my own family – how can I expect to lead a church?

Not only that, but I’m not sure I really believe what I’m saying anymore. I preached – if you can call it that – this morning, but right about now, my mind and my heart are empty of any hope and assurance, and full of doubt, despair, and disappointment. Thus, not only am I unqualified and unfit to be a leader in the church, but I’m nothing more than a first-class hypocrite, spouting off useless and empty words that make no sense, have no impact, and ring empty and hollow against the backdrop of real life.

I’m exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally from trying to put on a good front, while there is no reality to my words. I’m through! Finished! Over! Done!

The time for potential is long past. My days of bright and unlimited future are over. The past of empty dreams and half-filled promises are over – maybe not officially, but certainly in reality.

What can you say to that?