Hooked up with this article from Wayne Cordeiro this morning, via Todd Rhoades’s excellent blog.

Sometimes it seems we – I – want to be so busy, or at least perceived as busy, so we can get our props from everyone around us. What counts, though, is whether we are busy about the right things – the things God has called and gifted us to do, the things that matter in His purposes, the things only we can do – not the 95% of “stuff” that occupies our waking/working hours.

It’s a pretty sobering thought – for me, at least – to realize that so much of the busy-ness I engage in day after day is just stuff that anyone can do. Here’s Wayne’s take…

The Spirit of God guides us and helps us to prioritize our energies into obedience. He helps us to organize our hours into forevers, our daily activities into eternal treasures.

The Last 5%… this is what I must primarily be about. That�s how I must prioritize my energies and organize my time. Otherwise I will find myself in Bithynia serving tables and wondering why God has been so distant lately.

Sounds like His voice is a hundred miles away … in Macedonia.

Maybe the reason His voice and His guidance seem so far away is that I’m hanging out in Bithynia, agonizing over and worrying about Bithynia-stuff, while He’s shouting at me from Macedonia.

Father, if You still hear me, if You still have a place, help me turn my hours today into forevers and my daily activities today into eternal treasures.