There’s an event that occurs every year about this time. No matter what I try, I can’t seem to get away from this uncomfortable and unpleasant event. In fact, this event is so obstinate and so pervasive, it’s been coming around almost 45 times now.

But, my brother – the best brother I ever had – seems to have a knack for lightening the burden of this obnoxious annual event. I got home today and there was a box from on the table. Here’s what Brown did for me today…

Let’s unpack a little, shall we?

Cheryl Bentyne is one of the members of the Manhattan Transfer. This is pretty awesome stuff! (And the music ain’t too shabby, either!) If you’re into great jazz singers, you won’t go wrong with Ms. Bentyne!

About that Blast! stuff…Way back, many moons ago, my high school band director introduced me to this crazy thing called drum corps. (I’ve posted before about our annual summer pilgrimages to Wisconsin for drum corps shows.) Anyway, Blast! is a spin-off of drum corps for the theater stage. It incorporates all the best of drum corps, marching band, and pageantry, and puts it in your face on the stage. If you’re into brass, percussion, and other such good stuff, hurry up and order Blast!

My brother also indicated that some of these goodies just might find their way into the Sunday Night Unwind. Ms. Bentyne is certainly a candidate for that. But Blast! may be a better fit with my “at bat music!”

Anyway, if you find that annual event keeps sneaking up on you, relentlessly, at least it’s good to have a big brother to take some of the sting out of it. Thanks, bro!