Time Keeps On Slippin’…

into the future

I’ve been thinking – obsessing, really – about time lately. About days that slip away. About weeks that are not effectively used. About years you can’t ever get back, once they’re gone.

This week, I’ve been challenged by some things that others are saying about these kinds of issues.

Tony Morgan, one of the Simply Strategic guys, has been posting notes from the Innovative Church conference at Granger. The stuff from Mark Beeson’s opening session smacked me right between the eyes and left a permanent mark (no pun intended). He asks three foundational questions that ought to change our perspective and give us a sense of real urgency about how we use our time and energy…

  • Do you really believe people need the church?
  • Do you really believe your days are numbered?
  • Do you really believe God is working and you are doing God’s work?

It was the second question that turned my crank. Here’s how Mark filled that one out…

I don�t have time to play church. My days are numbered. Life is brief. Then I tell people, �Your life is precious. You don�t have time to play church. You need to make your life count.�