You know Earl Creps, right? The Off-Road Disciplines guy? Seminary professor guy? And now, soon-to-be fledgling church planter guy? Yeah, him…

I wish he had just minded his own business.

I wish he had just done that seminary professor thing, and coasted on off into the sunset of his later years.

I wish he had just decided to keep blogging.

I wish he had just kept on encouraging the whippersnappers out there.

But nooooooo! You know what Earl Creps had the audacity to do? He’s taking a huge plunge. He’s planting a church. In Berkeley, California. He’s over 50. And he’s bragging about it! (Well, not really “bragging” per se, but he is throwing it out there for all the world – including other timid, almost-50, sedate, comfortable-but-unfulfilled types – to see.

And if that’s not enough, he says this about one of the reasons why…

My friend and Dean, Joe Castleberry, preached a sermon in an AGTS chapel last fall that contained an intriguing statement: the two great risk-taking phases of life are the twenties (before you have kids) and the fifties (after the nest is empty). This thought became like a virus in my mental programming, slowly beginning to take control of things.

I really, really wish he hadn’t “quit preaching and gone to meddling.”

If you are approaching “middle age,” if you find yourself wondering “what if?” or “is this all there is?” do not – I repeat – do not read Earl’s post. You may find yourself gearing up for something that will rock your world…