I Wonder…

One of those infamous “dump lists.” Nothing to see here, move along…

  • Warren Buffett says, “Buy American.” I wonder if he thinks it would help if we remembered to vote American, too!
  • I wonder why trying to insure that every vote is a legally cast vote is somehow bad, racist, or whatever other Democrat talking point adjective you choose to insert.
  • I wonder how come the mainstream press “exposed” more about “Joe the Plumber” in two days than they have about The Messiah in two years.
  • I wonder which is more greedy: Wanting to keep the vast majority of what I earn to spend/invest according to my family’s priorities and needs, or wanting to “spread the wealth” to some, in order to fund/promote someone else’s agenda and priorities.
  • I wonder how a tightening in the major polls is somehow an indication that the voters are souring on the underdog candidate.
  • I wonder how many of my friends are voting for the The Messiah based on race. Either racial pride or racial guilt. The pride part I can understand. The guilt part, not so much.
  • I wonder if Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys really registered to vote.
  • I wonder how the United States Supreme Court can actually condone illegal activities in the voter registration process.
  • I wonder, along with the underdog, why, if The Messiah wanted to run against “W”, he didn’t throw his hat in the ring four years ago, when “W” actually could and did stand for re-election.
  • I wonder if we’ll ever, ever see the ascendancy of statesmanship in our political process again.
  • I wonder when the idea of America became such anathema. To Americans, even.
  • I wonder why the purveyors of the tired, sad phrase “failed policies of the past” have such conveniently selective and/or short memories. If there was any such thing as a “failed policy of the past,” surely it is socialist liberalism! Oh, wait…the Soviet Union was a great success. Nazi Germany? Now there’s a role model for you! Oh, and hey! How about that ultra-successful “War on Poverty” from our own 1960s-1970s! How are all those working for you? So let’s try it again!
  • I wonder if the misguided, misinformed callers on the radio really understand that Hitler was, in fact, a liberal ideal, National Socialist, and all that.
  • Oh, and I wonder about that nagging “whistling s” sound that seems to be so prevalent when our candidates speak.