What’s the Deal? And Where’s the Appeal?

I used to love politics. I used to savor the give-and-take of a good, hard-fought campaign. “Back in the day,” it seemed that most campaigns were pretty passionate presentations of differing visions and ideas for solving serious problems.

Lately, though, I’ve become a little more cynical. It seems that all the candidates – and yes, I mean all the candidates! – are only interested in yapping and yakking about how terrible their opponents are, while avoiding any real, positive, tangible vision for the future.

With that in mind, and as a naive “bitter clinger” to what I believe is the greatest political experiment in the history of the world, I’m wondering a couple of things today…

  • What is the appeal for Americans of an encroaching socialism?
  • When did Big Government become The Answer to all our problems?
  • Seriously, now…what is the appeal of Senator Obama, other than “he’s not George Bush”?
  • When did age 47 become “young and fresh”? (Perspective is everything on that one! :))
  • Why can’t won’t people from differing political perspectives treat those with whom they disagree with some decency and respect?
  • Why won’t candidates answer “Yes or No” questions with, well…”Yes” or “No”?
  • Why do you think “your candidate” is The Answer?

I’m just wondering about these and other things this afternoon.

If you can play nice and offer some constructive opinions, you can comment, and maybe, just maybe, we can learn something about ourselves, our nation, and our future. You don’t have to agree with me – or with any of the other two people who read my blog – but you do have to be civil. Passionate? Sure! Informative? Hopefully!

Jump in! I can’t wait to hear from you!