Crap! It’s only August, and I’m already waaaaaayyyy past tired of the political garbage!

Since the Dims are having their coronation/love fest this week, let’s make some observations about them, shall we? Here we go…

  • Somebody really needs to give these guys a current newspaper. And a copy of the Constitution. See, they think the President is able to run again. No, they think he is running again.
  • I thought it was funny when they showed a picture with the caption and announcement “The Women of the United States Senate.” And The Messiah was standing in the middle of them! (Not sure who that says the most about…himHim or them!)
  • I also thought it was funny that they left out the rest of “The Women of the United States Senate.”
  • Loved the sign from Emily’s List: “When women vote, Democrats win!” Nuff said…
  • They had a bunch of protesters who planned to levitate the Denver Mint Building! What?!?!?!
  • Oh, and The Messiah mentioned last night that heHe was with some family in St. Louis. Except heHe was really in Kansas City. Oops! Oh, well, heHe was in some city in one of the 57 states, and that’s all that counts!
  • Is heHe really smarter than a 5th grader? Seems hisHis daughter had to remind himHim where heHe really was.
  • Sorry…from this point on, I need to remember to capitalize the personal pronouns when referring to The Messiah. I’ll fix that in a minute…
  • Oh, and there was ol’ Kennedy…I know Teddy’s got cancer and all that. I’m truly sorry. Maybe it’ll keep him from behind the wheel these days.
  • It would be really funny – and totally expected – if Missus Clinton were to throw down the gauntlet tonight. How long has it been since there’s actually been a floor fight at one of the major political conventions/productions/lovefests?
  • Well, I’m off to see which jacket they chose for Her Highness to wear along with the black pants…eewwww!