No matter whether “Your Guy” won or lost yesterday, here’s more proof – to me, at least – that Big Media just doesn’t get it.

They can’t seem to understand that they are no longer the Alpha Males when it comes to informing the public. They look for a scapegoat, and they find a convenient one: in the New Media of the blogosphere (on both, or all sides).

News organizations promised Wednesday to look into why their Election Day exit polls showed an initial surge for John Kerry, but also blamed bloggers for spreading news that gave a misleading view of the presidential race.

I had a TV set turned on throughout the night (and into the morning!) but I was getting most of my information from the web. And I was getting that information from “our side” and “their side.”

Whatever your political inclination, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Election ’04 nudged Big Media along toward irrelevance.