Make Them Think? Heck, No!

Yesterday one of our folks approached me after our service and said something about how much she appreciated my message and the way I always say something “to make her think.”

After reading Acts 2 this morning, I’m praying that I’ll never again be satisfied with just “making people think.”

Nope, I want to be the kind of communicator that challenges people’s thinking and inspires them to do something with their changed minds!

When Peter – an untrained, unskilled orator – stood up in God’s power, he challenged the people’s thinking. But he also gave them something tangible and concrete to do. And he inspired them to take action. What kind of action?

Not-yet-believers crossed the line of faith. “Good” people became God’s people. Scattered people became fellowshipping people. Cynical, jaded, discouraged people became wondering, awe-filled people. Stingy people became sharing people. Consuming people became contributing people. Isolated people became belonging people.

Make ’em think? Nope, not good enough any more!

God, let me communicate in ways that give You a platform , a launching pad, to change lives!